Request your complimentary consultation


Because buying bags of clothes or having an overflowing walk-in closet does not equate to having great style...


Receive a complimentary consultation before getting started.  We'll discuss your style wants and needs in order to create a customized plan to evolve your personal style.

Style Tips

Sometimes an outfit needs a little zhoosh-ing.  Whether it's pushing up the sleeves or properly tying a scarf we'll walk you through many style tips to improve your look.

Newly Styled Looks

New clothing combinations will be created based on the types of looks you request.  Each look will be completed with shoes, handbags and accessories and photographed for your reference.


Traveling can be stressful, so can packing.  Have us plan your looks for each day of the trip.  We'll pack for you AND make sure your bag doesn't exceed the 50-pound luggage limit.

Product Recommendations

No two brands fit the same.  Throughout the appointment, we will recommend our favorite brands and styles for your body type.

Recap with Photos of Styled Looks

Following your appointment you'll receive a recap which includes any photos taken during the session as well as your Shop List and any product suggestions.