Style Resolutions

...and why I made one for 2016

I’m not typically one to create a New Year’s resolution since most often it becomes a forgotten memory by mid-month.  But after reviewing my Instagram feed from last year, I noticed something… I’ve become really, REALLY comfortable in denim.  There’s nothing wrong with jeans - I love them.  They are the epitome of [good] American fashion.  But as I enter the third year of running my own business as a style professional I feel the need to hold myself accountable to continue elevating my personal style.  For me that means getting out of jeans… at least three days each week.

With so much focus on my [amazing!] clients and their personal style, I seem to have neglected my own.  I’ve fallen into the habit of uniform dressing which so many busy individuals do.  While I still appreciate having those options as fallbacks for effortless style, I never want my look feeling stagnant.  For much of the past two years, my winter look has consisted of skinny jeans, an oversized sweater and a pair of boots.  Sure I accessorize - a scarf with this, a necklace with that, a leather jacket to throw over my shoulders... It LOOKS fine.  I’ve just become bored with it.

One of the reasons I fell in love with fashion is the strong visual impact the right outfit can make.  As my friend Miuccia [Prada] says, “fashion is instant language” and I couldn’t agree more.  The outfit you choose to wear out your door in the morning communicates a message to the world.  Most often, it translates into what type of mood you’re in and how you’re feeling about yourself.  That’s a pretty powerful message and I, for one, refuse for my message to be PRACTICAL. EVERY.  DAY.

So… If I’m not in jeans, what exactly am I wearing?  Most days, I’m going from client to client with loads of clothing or organization supplies so I still need options that aren’t overly fussy.  This type of look is a perfect solution.  It has interest without trying too hard and the black ankle pant just elevates this look a bit more than if I had thrown on a pair of jeans.



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01/09/2016     10:49AM

ModeMentore- thanks for writing this. I have become guilty in my look being a bit lax disguised as Boho.. I too will resolve to up my game in 2016 and look forward to your style suggestion updates. Cheers to a Fabulous and Stylish 2016!


01/10/2016     10:38AM


Kimberly - that's fantastic! Thanks for sharing!