The Best Gifts to Give this Valentine's Day

Love is in the air...

Valentine's Day is right around corner.  It’s a holiday that people either love or...try to ignore.  Personally, I adore it and have since long before I secured my lifelong Valentine...AKA Paul.  When you’re part of a pair, spending quality time with your significant other is often a highlight in itself.  But that’s certainly not the only way to enjoy this Hallmark holiday.  Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to spoil any important person in your life, no matter your relationship status.  

So, here’s a round-up of some of my favorites pieces to gift this Valentine’s Day...


For the BFF

The best thing about a BFF is you always have someone to turn to… or talk to.  Give your girl with the Gift of Gab a chic update [for her phone] with this adorable Lips iPhone case.

Chokers are back my friends... in a big, BIG way. I love this piece and it will look fantastic back to those trusty wardrobes essentials: blue jeans, white tee and a killer pair of shoes.

For Mom

I work with a lot of mother/daughter duos so I know my mom and I are not alone in having twinning moments every now and then. These mismatched earrings easily cross the generational gap without drawing too much attention to the obvious fact that one of you copied the other.

From Mom

Sweet dreams were made of these… modal pajamas that is. One thing so many people haaaate is spending money on their PJ’s. A girl’s got to prioritize her finances, right? But there’s also nothing better than slipping into a pair of oh-so-soft jammies. The bonus? This pair by Victoria’s Secret are oh-so-cute as well.

From your Significant Other

Okay, I’ll admit it. I always like flowers best when they come from Paul… particularly because he has phenomenal taste when it comes to florals. And while I’m not typically a rose-girl, I would make an exception for these.

For your Guy

Lingerie is not only for the ladies… OK, maybe lingerie is, but men love getting some fresh undergarments just as much as we do. Skip the Hanes and splurge on these instead. I’m telling you, he will LOVE them.

From Yours Truly

Sometimes the best gifts we get are the ones we give ourselves. I’ve had a crush on this ring for the past two years and love it as much today as I did when I first saw it. While I might not be able to make the splurge just yet, I’m sure each of you has had your eye on something… Valentine’s Day may be just the excuse you needed to click “buy.”

Love may be blind but these pieces are sure win over anyone’s heart. What do you like to give/get on Valentine’s Day? Share below!


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